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Predictive Maintenance Using Infrared Imaging

Infrared Photogram Indicating Thermographic Leakage

Outflow of building heat is a major source of energy loss and environmental discomfort due to drafts and cold spots. Moisture within building materials can create a host of structural and environmental issues including contaminants such as mold. Restor uses infrared imaging technologies to accurately locate sources of heat loss and moisture. It then proposed highly cost-efficient solutions. The efficiencies gained in this process minimize invasive searches for the sources of heat and moisture leaks.

Predictive Maintenance Using Infrared Imaging

A survey by Restor’s imaging team can provide advance determination if moisture or hot/cold issues are building within your infrastructure. Hot spots or Cold spots can alert you to hidden issues that may lead to costly repairs if not identified early Restor’s engineers analyze the digital infrared images and provide a detailed written report which includes notated images.

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